How Trump Made 2020 All About Himself

2020 is turning out to be quite the year: a deadly global pandemic, economic collapse, the decline of America, the threat of war, civil unrest, giant global protests, riots, fascist police brutality, armed covidiots, earthquakes, global warming, cataclysmic floods, biblical locust swarms, epic flying ant swarms…

...and that’s just on a slow news day.

The real disaster of 2020 is Trump.

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Trump managed to make 2020 all about himself. He is a personified shitstorm.

Every morning we wake up to terrible Trump news. And every day is worse than the day before.

He eclipses all other disasters, while at the same time making them worse with his terrible decisions.

If 2020 had a face, it would be Trump’s grotesque orange duck face.

What else can he do to make this the worst year in American history?

What else could go wrong? What else will he make worse?

Let’s find out.

Oliver Markus Malloy is a German-American novelist and comic artist. Born and raised in Aachen, Germany, he currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Malloy began his writing career in the early 1990s, as editor-in-chief of a computer magazine with a monthly circulation of over 500,000, which was distributed by Germany's largest publishing house.

After moving to New York, he was the art director for a newspaper in Manhattan, and later the production manager for a newspaper in Brooklyn, before he began self-publishing his cartoons online in May 2000. He has never had another 9-5 job since.

His bestselling trilogy, Bad Choices Make Good Stories, has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

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